These guidelines have been developed by the Canadian Bottled Water Association with a Technical Committee comprised of industry stakeholders, bottling representatives and food safety consultants. The CBWA acknowledges the committee members for their outstanding contribution to the CBWA Food Safety project.

We extend our appreciation and gratitude to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for their financial support of this project and to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for completing a review of the documents and sharing their comments.

All individuals involved with the work done on, not only the "CBWA Bottled Water Food Safety Practices", but the other projects completed within the "Growing Forward" program has required the members of the CBWA - CIFSI Committee to provide many hours of their donated time. As a result, the Committee Member experts have developed this valuable, useful and living document to help the Canadian Bottled Water Industry in the production of consistently safe and high quality products throughout Canada.

We extend our deepest appreciation to the following individuals and to their organizations for their contributions and sharing of knowledge, expertise and valuable time:

CBWA - Canadian Integrated Food Safety Initiative (CIFSI) Committee

  • Chris Dunn - NSF International
  • Myla Estacio - NSF International
  • Steve Feltman - Feltman Enterprises
  • John Fudge - Ice River Springs Water Co. Inc.
  • Michelle Harris-Bailey - Guelph Food Technology Centre
  • Dr. Lawrence Henderson - Edge Analytical
  • Emil Joseph - Aquaterra Corporation
  • Cheryl McLaughlin - Cott Beverages
  • Mike Rayburn - Guelph Food Technology Centre
  • Andrew Watt - Cedar Springs Bottled Water
  • Elizabeth Griswold - Canadian Bottled Water Association